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The Lunchbox Tribe

The Lunchbox Tribe is now closed for 2024.
*Stay tuned for it's return in 2025*

In the Lunchbox Tribe, we support you to feel inspired and confident packing nutritious lunchboxes your kids love eating.

Prep nutritious lunchboxes with confidence even if you feel overwhelmed, uninspired and have zero time. 

But when you start to think about back-to-school and packing lunchboxes you start to feel...

- overwhelmed with which lunchbox to choose
- worried about your child's nutrition and eating behaviours 
- stressed with how much food to pack
- feel rushed and disorganised packing lunchboxes every day
- bored of packing the same food
- feel uninspired for ideas
- frustrated at food prices and food waste
- chaotic getting out of the door on time
- guilty. 

As daily lunchbox packers and parents of children with individual appetites and food preferences One Handed Cooks has your back.

Jess Beaton is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and family mealtime coach as well as a mum of four preschool and school aged boys. Along with Kate Thomassian, meal planning and organisational queen plus a mum of three kids, we're here to help.

We'll make packing lunchboxes feel easy, varied and achievable. 

Changing the script

In four easy modules, you'll feel confident packing nutritious lunchboxes your kids enjoy eating.

Module 1: Plan and Prep

  • VIDEO: Choosing the right lunchbox for your child by Anna from Lunchbox Mini
  • NUTRITION WEBINAR: Lunchboxes 101 -making lunchboxes easy and nutritious
  • CHECKLIST: Lunchbox nutrition checklist and easy inspiration
  • PLANNERS: Weekly lunchbox and Build-a-lunchbox planners
  • GRAB BOXES: Life-changing magic of fruit and veggie grab boxes
  • BAKING BOXES: The time and money saving magic of baking boxes

Module 2: Pack and Store

  • NUTRITION: Protein in lunchboxes
  • FOOD SAFETY: The basics
  • BAKING BOX CONTAINERS: A round-up of our faves
  • PREP BASICS: How to flash-freeze
  • VIDEO: Night before vs morning packing
  • VIDEO: Bulk-lunchbox packing

Module 3: Eat and Adapt

  • NUTRITION: Adapting lunchboxes for your child’s needs including for fussy eaters and big appetites
  • NUTRITION: Allergy substitution suggestions
  • NOTE: When to seek help

Module 4: The Bigger Picture

  • NUTRITION: A little note on sugar in lunchboxes
  • VIDEO: Managing tricky transitions and school refusal by Gen Muir
  • BONUS // AUDIO*: Your morning routine begins the night before
  • BONUS // AUDIO*: Create mornings that feel good
  • LIVE FACEBOOK Q&A in February - Date and time,TBC.

*This bonus content is an extract from our Spring/Summer Routine Reset challenge.

Book your spot in The Lunchbox Tribe today.

What you'll receive: 

  • Nutrition for lunchboxes webinar by Jessica Beaton, Accredited Practising Dietitian
  • Nutrition tips and strategies - navigating appetite changes, food refusal, protein and iron
  • Demo on 'Choosing the right lunchbox' by Anna from Lunchbox Mini
  • ALL-NEW Lunchbox Tribe ebook including 12 sweet and savoury recipes (details below)
  • Our best-selling Baking Box ebook, including 14 sweet and savoury recipes, valued at $19.95 (details below) 
  • Lunchbox planners to keep you on track
  • Power prep hacks and ideas to make packing a breeze
  • Storage and organisation ideas to eliminate the overwhelm
  • 'Tricky transition and school refusal' video by Gen Muir - parenting coach from Connected Parenting
  • The Lunchbox Tribe private Facebook group community for inspiration, bonus content and your questions answered
  • A live Q&A once school begins and you're navigating real-life wins and challenges of lunchboxes.

Lunchbox Tribe ebook recipes:

Sunflower seed snowballs
Coconut & blueberry muffin
Food processor banana bread
Make-at-home fun buns
Weet-Bix milo slice
Ricotta pikelet jam sandwiches
Bolognese and risoni slice
Teriyaki chicken nibbles
Pesto and pinwheels
Pizza slice
Spinach and cheese triangles
Lunchbox sushi

Baking box ebook recipes:

Carrot and banana slab cake 
Baked vanilla doughnuts
Apricot and coconut bliss balls
Black bean brownies
Lunchbox slice and premix
Simple shortbread fingers
Choc chip cookies
Shredded chicken sandwiches
Simple sausage rolls
Hawaiian pizza savoury muffins
Mini pick 'n' mix lunchbox quiches Chicken and rice balls
BBQ cheese lovers scrolls
Mac & cheese cups

Get confident, fill-your-freezer, prep your grab boxes and be ready to go in time for back-to-school!

Secure your spot in The Lunchbox Tribe today.

We look forward to seeing you in there!

Jess & Kate x

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