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7-Day Routine Refresh Course

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7-Day Routine Refresh Course

It’s time to breathe life and intention back into your daily routines, family meals, self-care and time. 

During our 7-Day Routine Refresh course we will guide you through small, achievable and actionable steps to help you create fresh habits for the season ahead.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, busy or disconnected here is an opportunity to feel refreshed, reorganised and energised for the spring and summer months ahead. We’re focusing on self-care, our daily routines, family connection especially around mealtimes and we have some ALL NEW fast and fresh recipes to help get you there.

Step into the calm amongst the chaos with our Routine Refresh course. Over seven days we take you through a new topic each day aimed to reduce the mental load, calm the everyday stresses and boost the fun and connection together as a family - especially around mealtimes and the enjoyment of food and eating.

What’s included?

  • Daily themed topics to dive into
  • Daily downloadable worksheets and BONUS digital planner bundle
  • Short audio or video guide where we give you a sneak peek into how we implement these practices into our own lives
  • The brand new “fast and fresh” recipe collection with allergy substitutions, plus baby, toddler and fussy eater serving suggestions
  • Weekly shopping list and meal plan to cook along with us
  • Private facebook group full of accountability, inspiration and ideas
  • Live Q&A to answer all of your questions.


Day one: Create space

Determine where the pain points are in your day and week, discover what’s important for you and your family and where you can create space, physical, emotional or time, for it.

Day two: The habit of self-care
Charlotte from Wellbeing Gets Real dives into the impact of everyday stresses in our life and practical strategies to close your stress cycle during the day and fill your own cup.

Day three: Your evening routine
Why work through the evening routine first? Because your morning routine starts the night before. We help you create an evening routine that is achievable for you and your family.

Day four: Your morning routine
Having a consistent rhythm and flow for your mornings in place can help set the intentions for the rest of the day.

Day five: Family mealtime rituals
We’re focusing on the family more the food today and discussing tips and strategies to boost the connection before, during and after a mealtime to make these some of your most favourite parts of your day.

Day six: The weekly reset
Now we have some more calm and connection during some of the busier parts of our day we can look at the week as a whole.

Day seven: Get intentional with your time
Hopefully with easier rhythms and routines in your day and week you can see a little more time and space. How do you want to use that time and who do you want to spend it with? Let’s brainstorm together and find some fun, adventure and relaxation to embrace. 


Our BRAND NEW “Fast and Fresh” recipe collection
Say hello to easy, breezy meals that have been designed to keep you out of the kitchen and let you soak up every last drop of sunshine in your day. These recipes are all about simple, fresh ingredients, effortless steps and minimal cooking time while shifting the mealtime focus to family connection and interaction. 

  • Lamb koftas with pita triangles and simple greek salad
  • Peanut & sesame soba noodles 
  • Tandoori paratha wrap
  • Ricotta, lemon & pea pasta
  • Chicken katsu sushi bowls
  • Salt & pepper squid (or tofu)
  • Steak sandwiches with chimichurri and caramelised onion
  • {BONUS} Pick 'n' mix platter salad


Q: Does it matter what country I am in?

A: We are based in Sydney, Australia, however this challenge is open worldwide! We recommend you complete it live with us although you can complete all content at your own pace, in your own time if you’d prefer. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, our Winter Warmers recipe collection may interest you for some more seasonally appropriate recipes. 

Q: Do I have to do this course in real-time?

A: The idea is to do the daily modules and workbooks within the 7 day time frame, but we understand that life happens and things can get in the way of your intentions. That is why these resources will still be available to you to come back to it at any time. Perhaps the new year will suit you better? Even if you complete this course in 7 days, we guarantee you will want to come back to it when you are craving a routine refresh! We know when life throws curve balls or things are feeling chaotic doing a routine refresh and putting these daily tasks into action give us a big boost.

Q: What should I expect from this challenge/how much time do I need? 

A: You will need approximately 20 minutes a day to listen to the audio and complete the worksheet. Add an extra little bit of time to prep and cook the daily recipe - we highly recommend you do. THe recipes are delicious and so adaptable to suit all ages, stages, feeding preferences and eating styles.

Q: What will I gain from completing this challenge?

A: By the end of the 7 days you will have some achievable steps to best suit you and your family to feel more organised, more energised and more connected. You will have some simple strategies and activities to calm and close your stress cycle, ideas to connect with your kids and family during mealtimes, evening and morning routines to help them run more smoothly and essentially more time to enjoy doing the things you love with the people you love!  

Q: Will the recipes be available as an ebook? 

A: Yes, all eight recipes will be available to download as an ebook as soon as you purchase the challenge. A single page recipe PDF will be also available to download on the relevant day each recipe features.  

Q: How do I use the worksheets?

A: The worksheets will be available on their relevant topic day and we share how to use them in each of the video or audio guide. Simply download and print, download and fill in the gaps on your desktop, or use the prompts to write in your journal or a blank piece of paper. Keep the worksheets accessible and visible while you work the routines and activities into your everyday life. 

    If this feels right for you please sign up and join us! If you have any questions please reach out, we are always happy to help. The challenge starts soon and we can’t wait to see you on the inside.

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