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Connected Mealtimes Webinar [REPLAY]

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Connected Mealtimes Webinar [REPLAY]

Jess Beaton (Accredited Practising Dietitian, One Handed Cooks) and Gen Muir (Parent Educator and Obstetric Social Worker, Connected Parenting) joined forces for a workshop aimed at bringing more peace and connection to your mealtimes.

If mealtimes have become a battle in your home, our workshop provides you with a wealth of information and practical and achievable strategies you can implement from today to make mealtimes calmer, more connected and more nutritious.

Find out why fussy eating happens, the common struggles many parents face around feeding toddlers, and what steps you can take to bring more joy to dinnertime in your home.

What you'll get: 

  • A replay of a live workshop with Jess and Gen that covers everything you need to know to take the drama out of dinnertime.
  • Reasons why children may not eat and some strategies to adjust your mealtime preparation and approach
  • Information on how to connect with your kids, set boundaries, and help them feel more confident to try new foods
  • Tried and tested advice that is easy to follow even when busy (with 8 kids between us we have had some experience!).

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