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Starting Solids Membership

Starting solids monthly membership

Month-by-month access, cancel anytime.

Starting solids nine-month membership

Full access for nine-months. Save over 40%.


Introduce solids to your baby safely by knowing when to feed them, what to feed them & how to feed them. Help make them feel safe and secure in order to support their growth, wellbeing and development.

Our passion at One Handed Cooks is creating nutritious, happy, safe and secure mealtimes for your baby and whole family. We’re here to guide you month-by-month and give you the confidence you need to offer a variety of foods in a variety of textures. Learning to eat takes time and we have the building blocks you need to give your baby the skills to have an enjoyable and positive lifelong relationship with food and eating.

What you'll get:

  • Confidence & support: month-by-month we'll guide you in creating safe, secure and positive mealtime environments for your baby.
  • Monthly video content: monthly video and written content to confidently guide you through starting solids and tips to tailor it to you and your baby's needs.
  • Feeding milestones: a baby’s eating capabilities for each age/developmental stage plus strategies on how your baby can achieve them.
  • Nutritious recipes: 100 of our favourite purees, textured meals, finger foods and family meals as well as tips on how to adapt them to your baby’s feeding preferences. Allergy substitutions too!
  • Your questions answered: everything from ‘What age should I start?’ and ‘Which highchair should I buy?’ to ‘How do I encourage my baby to engage with finger foods?’ and “Please help, they’re throwing food!"
  • A community: exclusive access to a private Facebook group and Instagram page for more weaning inspiration, additional video content, professional Q&As, guest expert chats and check-ins. Recent guests include a speech pathologist, GP, lactation consultant, sleep consultant, allergy expert and first aid

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We can't wait to see you in there and help guide you along your starting solids journey.

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