Baking Box Recipe Collection

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Baking Box Recipe Collection

By popular demand we are bringing you the recipes from our 2023 Baking Box Challenge. Our challenge helped parents stash their freezer with sweet and savoury baking boxes lifting your lunchbox game.  So if you had FOMO or missed out on the opportunity to join the challenge this ebook is for you.

We're helping you streamline your snack and lunchbox game with our freezer hack known as baking boxes. As you bake any sweet or savoury snacks you simply flash freeze and dump into a sweet or savoury baking box. Continue to top up the box with something new once or twice a week. Grab the frozen snacks to pop in lunchboxes as needed along with some fresh fruit and veg. Game on!

What's included: 

  • 14 ALL NEW recipes, seven sweet and seven savoury
  • Tips for setting up the baking box
  • Integrating snacks into a meal plan
  • Lunchbox checklist
  • Tasting plates for toddlers
  • Food storage and safety tips
  • How to flash freeze
  • Food storage guide
  • Allergy and intolerance suggestions
  • Shopping lists

Recipes include: {SWEET} Carrot and banana slab cake, Baked vanilla doughnuts, apricots and coconut bliss balls, Black bean brownies, Lunchbox slice and premix, Simple shortbread fingers, Choc chip cookies. {SAVOURY} Shredded chicken sandwiches, Simple sausage rolls, Hawaiian pizza savoury muffins, Mini pick 'n' mix lunchbox quiches, Chicken and rice balls, BBQ cheese lovers scrolls, Mac & cheese cups

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