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Starter Collection

Baby Foodie eBook + Your Baby's First Puree Guide

Baby Foodie 

Your starting solids guide, taking you and your baby from first tastes, to finger food and everything in between. With over 60 dietitian approved recipes for you to try, nutrition notes and fussy eating tips to help along the way, your baby will enjoy a positive and nutritious start to their food journey. Baby Foodie encourages you and your baby to start the solid food journey in a positively and nutritionally balanced way. The “Raising A Good Eater” guide will help you navigate through any fussy eating phases and help establish good food habits right from the start. Each chapter allows for you to go at your own pace, incorporating texture and finger foods early to promote chewing and using natural flavours to ensure a smooth transition to family foods. 

Your Baby's First Puree Guide

Designed to make life simpler, easier and organised when starting solids with your baby, we present to you a concise cooking guide to preparing your baby’s first tastes. Perfectly created with 'taste' sized portions in mind you will have a varied stockpile of the most popular fruits and vegetables to first introduce to your baby. You can make the whole batch over a couple of days, or better yet, choose to divide and conquer splitting the cook-up between friends and swapping a few flavours. Genius!

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